360! It’s the degrees in a circle, and the number of this cheeky, little episode! To celebrate, we’re going to
It’s that time of the year again when the Spiel Des Jahres and Kennerspiel (yes, and the Kinderspiel) are announced
Because we’re back from an event…. Our brains are tired from four days of gaming, realising that we probably should
We’re sooo sleepy….we’ve just flown back from BorderCon, and geez, are our arms tired…. This week is a show of
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Let’s just say that this episode is so full of goodness, you probably won’t be able to fit dessert in
The great thing about this particular episode is that Everybody Wins! Yes, it’s episode 355 and we take to the
This episode is officially one of the top 354 we have ever done! And not only that, you get the
Mark & Garth were lucky enough to feature as guests on the Launch Tabletop Vodcast, Materialise Episode 22, where they
Tonight it’s a publisher ‘feature episode’ as Mark and Garth delve deeply and thirstily into two games that have been
Have you ever wanted to just throw it all in and join a band of mercenaries on the hunt for
Some episodes are just bigger than others, and this one is BIG! We start of with a review of 7
It’s time for the Dice Men to explore the paradox of quantum superposition as we open a box to see
Yes, the Dice Men Cometh aims to be educational and this episode is no different, so settle as as we
It’s time to talk monsters! Have you ever wanted to be a big ol’ monster who gets to smash things,
Another year, another top list by the top 3 Dice Men in Australia! Yes, we’re on the top list bandwagon
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Here is a special Christmas treat – everybody can listen to one of our latest Secret Patreon episodes! Please be
So what if we add a little bit of this….a little bit of that….and a bit of something something….what do
Tonight the Dice Men are all working together to construct the best damn Green Cathedral this side of the Volga!
This week we are visiting two strange and distant parts of the universe! In one game we are space-faring explorers
We’re really sorry to say, but this episode is our last….in the trilogy of The Dice Men Cometh’s PAXtravaganza! And