Who the hell are the Dice Men?

mark-profile-shotDice Man Mark

The elder statesman of the group, Mark enjoys many old school Euros, yet still finds time for the latest mini-horror-skirmish game and everything in between. A member of BGG since 2005, he has been known to provide suggestions for others’ moves from time to time,  but does this REALLY make him an alpha gamer?

Yes Mark, it does.

garth-profile-shotDice Man Garth

While still relatively new to modern board games, Garth will try anything once and is great at teaching games. Having younguns also means he is our expert on kids games, which must be the reason why he plays Pokemon Go so much. At least, that’s what he tells us.

trent-profile-shotDice Man Trent

The former radio professional that led us down this crazy path, Trent loves thinky, meaty games and hopes that one day he might even win one.

Trent is also the Dice Men’s resident GM, running a variety of RPGs that may or may not let him live out the fantasy of killing everyone he knows.

leon-profile-shotDice Man Leon

The newest and youngest Dice Man, Leon buys ALL the games, especially the massive, overblown, bloated Kickstarters. He plays them once, then sells them at a significant loss, which demonstrates either a significant failure of economic thinking or the fact that Leon is footloose and care free, which is why the other Dice Men hate him.