Original Air Date: 26/03/2014 In this episode, the Dice Men run out of time to talk about what they were
Original Air Date: 19/03/2014 This week, the Dice Men review the popular space-themed negotiation/back-stabby game Cosmic Encounter.  They also talk
Original Air Date – 12/03/2014 In this week’s Dice Men Cometh, Trent and Mark are joined by special guest David
Original air date: 05/03/2014 This week the Dice Men celebrate as they finally get their grubby mitts on the 2013
In this week’s episode, the Dice Men discuss the official launch of the podcast, both via this site and also
Put on your robe and wizard hat as the Dice Men bring in special guest Richard from Area 52 (Hobart’s
A Dice Man is never late, fellow gamers. Nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to.  At least
On the week that Geek & Sundry announced this year’s Tabletop Game Day (April 5th), the Dice Men bring us
This week on the Dice Men Cometh we ask the most important question a board gamer should think about: “Your
This week the Dice Men welcome special guest Niall Smith before he departs our shores for the nation’s capital.  We
Happy New Year from the Dice Men Cometh in our first episode of 2014.  In this week’s episode, Trent struggles
It’s Christmas Day on the Dice Men Cometh, as the guys duck their familial responsibilities along with special guest Christine
On this week’s episode, Trent and Mark ask the question: “Are board games racist?” along with “are French farmers lazy?”
This week, the Dice Men talk to Adam Walker, whose Viking Horde: Papercraft Kickstarter has caned its financial goal and
This week the guys review Nothing Personal, the most backstabbingy-mafia-negotiation game ever invented? They’ll reel off their Christmas wishlist for
Our new radio show has been turned into a podcast. If you missed the show, catch it here. The Dice