The Dice Men Cometh – Episode 360

By | September 16, 2023

360! It’s the degrees in a circle, and the number of this cheeky, little episode! To celebrate, we’re going to fill your eardrums with three reviews of three games by three Dice Men!

We kick off with some bones…well, many bones actually, in fact there are…Too Many Bones, and these specific bones are by Chip Theory Games. Garth starts off with a mighty review of this hefty and dicey game! Can you roll your way to victory? Can you train your Gearlocs to be the mightiest warriors? Can you roll them bones the right way at the right time? Probably not the first time…but surely the second time will be easier! Ha! Ha, we say!

We move on to Leon’s review of Archeos Society, a set collecting adventuring game where you could be the best Botanist out there! Or a Physician, a Pilot, a Guide or even a Student! Will you lead your expeditions to victory or will three monkeys cause you pain and suffering?

And like all good trilogies, we save the third one until last! Yes, it’s our own wizened old traveler, a man who was there when the ring was forged and who will be there after the White Tree of Gondor has sprouted it’s last leaf. Mark retells the most famous Middle Earth tale, but this time through the power of cards in The War of the Ring: The Card Game. Can this game come close to the epic, dudes on a map version that everyone knows and mostly everyone loves? Do you need both? Does it really have a card about Sam and Potatoes? Only one man knows, and he’s probably forgotten already!

And to wrap it up, we address the Oliphant in the room…. We’ve been a little quiet lately so we give you the low down on what’s up, and what that means for The Dice Men after 10 years of tabletop podcasting gold!

Thanks as always to our eternal sponsor, LFG Australia, and to our other amazing partners in Behold Games, Good Games, VR Distribution and Let’s Play Games! Thanks everyone, and keep on playing more games!!!!!!

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