Australia’s leading tabletop gaming podcast

Welcome to Dice Men HQ!

The Dice Men Cometh is a group of (mostly unrelated) Tasmanians who produce a regular podcast about tabletop gaming. The rotating cast of Dice Men Mark, Garth and Leon record the show live, and it is then replayed on Edge Radio 99.3 FM every Sunday from 6-7 pm.

Dice Men Mark, Leon, Garth and Trent… getting along.

What the hell is tabletop gaming?

Just about any game you can play on a tabletop – it’s that simple! Modern board and card games have come a looong way since Monopoly or Gin Rummy. Then there is a slew of role playing games including Dungeons & Dragons, but hundreds more. As you play, you might find yourself running a busy company, competing with wizards, or settling a new planet. It’s always fun but sometimes it’s deadly serious! It’s not just for kids and it’s definitely not just for men!

The scope and depth of modern tabletop has led to a boom in the industry and many more podcasts and websites besides – we’re just doing it from Australia. Here are a few more sites and shows the Dice Men enjoy: