The Dice Men Cometh – Episode 349

By | January 28, 2023

Yes, the Dice Men Cometh aims to be educational and this episode is no different, so settle as as we teach you about the birds and….the beeeagles…well dogs at least, as we’re heading to the skies with Wingspan Asia before digging into all things Dog Park.

We start with the latest birdy instalment in the Wingspan saga, but this time it’s an expansion and a stand alone two player game. Yes, it’s got great art, yes it’s got another colour of eggs and yes, if you’re a twitcher looking for something to play with your significant other, it may just be the ticket. In any case, the boys all have their opinions locked and loaded.

We then feature a little segment on the newest Aussie-designed game hitting the crowd-funding market. It’s called SCRAP and we were lucky enough to get an early prototype to review. If you think this game sounds interesting, make sure to check it out on Gamefound and support the Aussie Tabletop industry!

We then fail to let sleeping dogs lie, as it’s all about taking them for walkies in Dog Park by Birdwood Games! Will you become a breed expert? Will you take all your doggos for their walk? Will all your sticks and balls be put to good use? Will Leon complain there are not cats in this game?!?!?!?!

So thanks for listening and thanks for your ongoing support! Of course we can’t do this without our wonderful sponsor LFG, as well as our gaming partners!

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