The Dice Men Cometh – Episode 340

By | October 5, 2022

Tonight we talk about two games that are basically identical…nearly….well, a little bit….maybe….not quite…actually, we’ll let you decide.

First we find ourselves competing to be the best medieval trader and merchant in a euro that looks so old it could have been designed in medieval Europe. Yes, we get our hands on Hansa Teutonica. Does this game win the title of “most euro looking game”?

We then dive into the latest in real time tagging game thanks to Pandasaurus! Yes, we are going “Wildstyle” which might be a term the kids are using these days, but we’re old and not sure. What we are sure of though is that you will be tagging the city; smacking down cards and generally trying to avoid making mistakes while your competitors seem to have no problem covering the town in their tags!

It’s then time for a quick talk about the recent nominees in the Toy and Game Hall of Fame before we wrap this one up!

Thanks to LFG for their support, and we’ll be back soon on the other side of PAX Aus!!

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