The Dice Men Cometh – Episode 237

By | November 11, 2018

He’s baaaaaaaack! Yes, fresh from his holiday Garth is back behind the mic, and it’s now Leons turn to be away for a few episodes! We kick off with an interview with great friend of the show and Essen aficionado Rene who talks all things Essen and brags about how many games he brought back (yes, we’re jealous Rene!). From there we recap on the Kanga Awards and tip our hats to all the nominees and the winners. It’s so amazing being a small part in such a wonderful hobby that is filled with incredibly talented Aussies!


original air date 08/11/2018

Diceman Garth is currently in China and couldn’t resist this streetscape in Xiamen #chinesedice #dice #dicemen #travelblog #dicegame #giantdice #dicegaming #china #xiamendice #xiamenlife #xiamen


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