The Dice Men Cometh – Episode 223

By | August 8, 2018

Should you whistle while you work, or simply whine when making wine?

This week the Dice Men combine working and wine as we are try to have the best vineyard in our review of Viticulture Essential Edition by Stonemaier Games. Psst…Garth had the best vineyard. After that, we’re on the make believe plane to Gencon, the USA’s biggest gaming convention, as we discuss the games that tickle our fancy, and we discuss how jealous we are of so many friends being there. Lastly Garth, no wait, Mark tells us about some iOS, no, Android games he has been playing. But is rolling virtual dice making him feel Ganz Schon Clever? We would usually say thanks to Area 52 right about now, so thanks Area 52!

Original air date 02/08/2018

So excited to get the new Essential Edition of Viticulture to the table. Look forward to our review in an upcoming episode, although if I’m pressed, I’d say Trent crushed, while Garth drew a blanc and Mark was left to whine. Thanks a bunch, @jameystegmaier
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