The Dice Men Cometh – Episode 211

By | May 6, 2018

Who would have thought that little old Tasmania is home to yet another tabletop artist? Well, the Dice Men have brought him into the studio to discuss Plaid Hat Games latest outing, Crystal Clans for which he did all the art. It’s Marty Abel and we’re sure this won’t be the last time you see his work in a game! And if you thought the half-arsie awards from last year were good, we have some amazing news for you as we announce Australia’s newest tabletop awards, The Kangas! Thanks to Area 52! Buy things from them!

Original air date 03/05/2018


A highlight of #podcast episode 211 is our interview with Martin Abel, artist for Plaid Hat’s new game, Crystal Clans.
We also review the game, so if you are curious, be sure to check it out.
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