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Secret Podcast Episode 4

It’s that time again – Secret Episode time! This time we steal an idea for a list from the All You Can Board Youtube channel but of course we got longer, swearier and down a few more rabbit holes. We also have our quarterly Game Giveaway, where 3 lucky Patreon supporters get to pick from more »

Secret Podcast Episode 3

It is once again time for another Patreon-only episode, and this one is a is our complete Bordercon debrief, covering every game we played over that auspicious long weekend, and goes for a record 2 hours 19 minutes! If you would like to listen, all you need to do is head over to our more »

Secret Podcast Episode 2

Our 2nd Patreon-only episode is now up. If you are a Friend of the Dicemen patreon supporter, then check the Patreon site for the link for this feed.To find out how to get access to this episode, visit our Patreon page.